This Is Not A Time To Complain But To Complement Government, General Overseer, Restoration Life Assembly (2)

hqdefaultWe bring to you the concluding part of the interview NewHorizon had with General Overseer, Restoration Life Assembly, Abuja, Dr. Udochi Majesty Odikanwa. Happy reading!

What do you make of the licensing of preachers Bill Kaduna State Governor, Nasir El-Rufai is trying to introduce?

I think what el Rufai is trying to do is to curb noise but he is going about it the wrong way. Everybody is saying ‘Islamic agenda’ but it might not be what he has in mind. However, it will be wrong to license a preacher. It has not happened before. In the history of Christianity and in Islam have you seen any imam that was licensed to preach? You cannot see. He is doing what is abstract, and he shouldn’t allow the wrath of God to fall on him because you don’t fight God. You don’t question His operations. The book of Luke records that Jesus called the 12 disciples and gave them power over serpents and sent them out to preach the gospel. It is not for debate, it is not negotiable, it will cause religious upheaval. We have not finished managing the Boko Haram crisis, the Niger Delta militants, and herdsmen that have been killing people. So if you want to introduce any law that will cause religious crisis that will be the one that that will consume the nation. No country has survived religious crisis; it is a dangerous one. Kaduna State government should not even contemplate it because it will be spelling doom for the country. All the ‘wars’ that we have had before, even that of Biafra was marginalization not religious. Religious crises can consumes a dispensation. You are talking about the ideology of a people, their belief, And once you touch it you have crossed a dangerous line. Any law that would destroy peoples positive ideology and what the bible is saying should not even be contemplated at all because it will be spelling doom for the country. So I don’t ascribe to that at all. It is an anti-Christian, an anti-moral Bill and and an anti-peoples Bill. You don’t bring such things now. if you want to curb noise or other fanatics, there are other ways to do that and not licensing people. It will be misunderstood and quite rightly so because you are touching on their ideology which you didn’t even invent. It is something that started from creation. So you don’t go there.

After one year of President Muhammadu Buhari’s assuming office, what is your assessment?

I see the president as a very firm person, most times he wants to be straight forward. But what I have also seen in this administration is that it has been a blame, blame game. I have not seen anything positive on its economic direction. What I have been hearing and seening is “the last administration squandered the money, the last administration didn’t do this right”. What i expect is that this administration should hit the ground running, forget about the past and move forward. Some people may say “how can you forget about the past without grading the road”? There are things that you do silently. Right now, people see the fight against corruption as a sectional thing. Some people will tell you that it is because people in that party are corrupt. It can’t be true because even people in this current government are deemed to be very corrupt. And the fight against corruption must be holistic. What I am seeing is that the president means well for Nigerians but there is nothing on ground that elicits joy-though it will come. We are hoping and praying that after this one year the president will do more things. I see a president who is committed and determined to work for the good of the country but I also see a country that is more divided now than before. People should be united. Dialogue should come more than the barrel of the gun. People most times don’t see the barrel of the gun but they see paradise. If you tell somebody whose ideology has been distorted that he is going to die, he is not seeing death but he is seeing paradise. You are even wasting your time when you tell them ‘I will bomb you, the military will deal with you’. Deal with their ideology through dialogue. We are celebrating and saying Boko Haram has been defeated but based on studies and from what I know from my field of study, there is what you call withdrawal tactics. You may be thinking you have defeated the enemy but they may be somewhere regrouping and re-strategizing I am not a prophet of doom but it is not yet Uhuru. Let the economy move, let their ideology change from violence. Let us have more preachers, more psychologists, who will counsel some of the people that have been rescued. Let us do more sensitization and not the barrel of the gun because the more you shoot them, the more they are hardened. This administration must unite everybody. The Niger Delta militants, Boko Haram, IPOB, Fulani herdsmen, who are these people, dialogue with them. Force can only harden a set of people and not make them better. As a psychologists, you don’t use too much force if you want to solve a problem, you use dialogue, listen to what they are saying. The one you know you can’t solve, you let them know about it. It doesn’t make you a weak leader but it makes you a leader of influence.

What is your word for Christians considering the times

Every Christian should be industrious and independent. Be a job creator. You may be a civil servant as a Christian but become a manufacturer and employer of labour. Learn skills and become an employer of labour. Secondly, be very prayerful, committed to God at this time. This is the time to pray more than talk more. When you pray more, you are able to stand against any giant. This time is a test of our faith. We must not succumb to blackmail, we must not succumb to what the devil is doing but move forward. Pray for the president, pray for his health, pray for your leaders, other churches. Do not as a Christian speak ill of any pastor. I have not seen-probably it is happening, any Muslim curse their imam. They can kill you. A lot of people were killed in France because somebody castigated the prophet Muhammed. So they rever their own. All Christians must learn this; do not speak ill of your pastors, pray for them if you find them in one error or the other. Talk to them if you know them. In a city where there are no leaders dangerous things happen. There must be a leader. No matter how remote that pastor may be, honour that person. Also, we must make sure we take our work seriously. As a businessman or civil servant, when do you go to work? Must you blame the government for everything. Every Christian must have an excellent spirit as Daniel, full of hardwork, wisdom and discipline. Must you blame the government for being sick, for your inability to do exercise? Must you blame the government when you didn’t do your work properly and you are sacked. Whatever you are doing stand out to the glory of God. Speak the truth at all times. Do not cheat anybody, don’t run people down with your mouth. Pray for the nation, stand strong wherever you are. Whether you eat or you don’t eat praise God. Do not forsake your faith for another because you want to get favour. It is sacrilege. Phillipians 4:19 says “For my God shall supply all my needs according to His riches in Christ Jesus. Let Christians not be despondent. This is not time to complain but a time to complement government and stand strong than ever. All Christians both in Syria and Iraq that are facing persecution from ISIS we are praying for you. Those of them that were beheaded for not renouncing Jesus will meet God in paradise. I enjoin all Christians that they should stand strong, even when nobody is appreciating you, go ahead and thank God. Everybody must serve God and embrace Jesus for He is the only way. The Lord bless all Nigerians and especially Christians.