This study has to do with our actions and motives in metaphorical of understanding that every action, motives are referred to as Seeds which always brings harvest at the end of the day. Every mortal must account to God what he or she has sown through actions, motives here and in the hereafter. Gen 8 vs 22, Ecc 12 vs 13-19. The Seed of Life are those good works here on earth that will translate to our good works and reward in heaven. Eg: Building the house of God, intercession for one, blessing someone, attending church services and being in fellowship.
STUDY KNOWLEDGE: We must always live right so as not to harvest the wrong reward of every actions. It is in accordance to what seed we sow in life that will guarantee our eternal life with Jesus or hell. 2Corin 9 vs 6, Rev. 20 vs 15--Rev. 21 vs 27.
Conclusion: We as children of God are meant to always be critical about our secret and open life because nothing is hidden before God. As a born again Christian we must know very well that we are given to good works always because everything we do in this life comes back as a recompense when we least expected in this life. We must make sure that we are ready and ever ready unto every good works.
FURTHER READING: Rev. 20 vs 12-13, Rev. 21 vs 27, Rev. 3 vs 5, Mal. 3 vs 16, Psalms 6 vs 8.
I encourage us all to remain steadfast in our good works in the house of God, families, because our rewards await us all....Shalom