Sunday 5th of May, 2019 TOPIC: I am an agent of God.

What will be your first priority?
A. To through my lifestyle set a standard of being an agent of God.
B. To stand for God even though I am the lone voice.

Two types of youth.
1. Godly youth
2. Worldly youth

Who is a youth.
According to the united nation a youth is a person between the ages of 15 to 45years.

Actually being an agent of God
1. Avoid hard drug use.
2. Avoid dangerous socioeconomic vices.
3. Don’t despite little beginning.
4. Don’t depend on government job.
5. Home electives (manners).
6. Always prepare for tough time.
7. Avoid peer negative pressure.
8. Avoid pre-marital sexual habit.
9. Stick to mentorship or humanity.
10. Seek to improve your intellect.
11. Seek always to be Godly difference.
12. Seek to raise an early family.
13. Be addicted to fellowship, prayers, quiet life, soul winning.

1. Provision of new role, and perspective.
2. Aggressive roles in soul winning.
3. Improve in intellectual, moral integrate level of capacity.

Youth in the bible who were great agent of God in the bible.
1. David: he was about seventeen years old when he faced goliath.
2. Joseph.
3. Josiah: king of Judah for 35 years when he was eight years.

To be agent of God what you should do.
1. Be ready to discharge your duty.
2. To defend your identity with God.
3. Be huge plus to the church.