TEXT: Revelation 21 vs 5, Isaiah 43 vs 19, Revelation 4 vs 2 - 9
What you see can either sink, sail, or seal you.
Have been encountering rough roads and many bad things have been happening around you? Most times you struggle and it looks as if they are in vain, God is saying today “I make all thongs new in your life” god is setting you on a pace that the enemies will not catch up.
1) Springing up new surprises that we are not acquainted to, which geared up towards bettering our lives.
2) Exploring every opportunity to do something new.
3) Grow an already existing grace to a higher level.
4) Total departure from anything that has tagged you a failure.
5) Doubling efforts or service to God without being compelled to do so.
6) Setting a positive goal for yourself.
7) God’s re-establishment of relationship with us.
8) God bringing to the contrary what the enemy has thought against you.
After waiting on the Lord waiting upon the Lord, it is expected that;
1) Prayer and fellowship life should increase.
2) Holy living should increase.
3) More zeal and heavenly focus.
4) More of creative thinking and productive life style.
5) Spiritual maturity.
God’s expectation regarding I will make all things new;
1) To make you spiritually and societally relevant.
2) To make you become an authority of knowledge, Philippians 4 vs 9 – 13.
3) To create a strong family tie through family alter.
4) To become a blessing and engage others in creative lifestyle.
5) To become a positive and good reference point.
6) To become an instrument in his hands.
7) To become creative and soul winner.
8) To be on fire for him (consistence in prayer life, consistence in the study of his word,
Acts 3 vs 1 -10, Hebrew 10 vs 24 – 26)
9) To be a person who invest in His kingdom.
10) To be a lifter of hope and destiny.
We are expected to move further with the fire gotten from this fasting and we are not to retreat after this fasting.