Thanking God means to express gratitude, appreciation of what God has done for you. Psalm 106 v1. When you thank God, He will expand you more. Gen 35v1-end.
(1) Be thankful in all circumstances for this is God's will for you. 1 Thess 5v20.
(2) In all things you do obey and give thanks to God the father through Jesus Christ. Colos 3v17.
(3) God derives joy when you thank Him. Luke 17v1-2.
(4) Give God praises and spread His testimonies by telling people of the marvelous things God has done. Psalm 9v1.
(5) Give God praises and worship Him day and night. 1 Chronicles 23v30.
FURTHER READING. Roms 12v1, Eph 1v16-18, 1 Corin 1v4-6, Psalm 34v1-19, 1Corin 15v57.